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Why Making Straps From Wood Makes Perfect Sense


If you’ve ever experienced discomfort with a leather, cotton, or any standard guitar strap, you’ve probably done one of the following:


  • Tried a wider strap
  • Tried a padded strap
  • Given up and accepted the discomfort


Most likely, your guitar still feels as if it was made from granite.

Want to know why those straps will NEVER be as comfortable as a handmade wood one?

Because leather, nylon, and other standard guitar strap materials are PLIABLE.

Have you ever tried to put weight on a pliable surface?

Imagine your standard playground swing. Now imagine what it looks like after you sit on it…

Your weight is NOT evenly distributed across the swing.

Pliable material will always concentrate your guitar’s weight in one location and cause discomfort.

  • Pliable material will always distribute weight inefficiently - limiting your playing time.
  • Pliable material will always be uncomfortable, and you have no other options.


Until now.



What’s the opposite of pliable?


Imagine sitting on a wood swing? Yeah, it’s surprisingly comfortable.

But how do you make a guitar strap out of wood?

You cut that wood into 59 small pieces and connect them with Teflon treated strings that can carry a load of 200lbs.

Small pieces of wood provide the perfect combination of flexibility, firmness, and durability.

Before, your guitar’s weight was being focused on a quarter-sized spot tearing into your shoulder.

Now, your guitar’s weight is spread across a vast area of polished, yet firm, wooden pieces, each equally sharing the weight, as they snuggly conform with your shoulder.

You SEE the difference. Now it’s time to FEEL the difference.

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