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Frequently Asked Questions


A Wood Strap? Is it Comfortable?

When weight is distributed over a flat piece of nylon or leather, most of the load is concentrated along the center line. The edges of the material see a lighter load, and even sometimes have a tendency to curl a bit if you put extreme load on them (try it yourself).

With our straps, the small, smooth wood pieces distribute the load more efficiently. It is spread perfectly among the entire width of the strap, meaning less weight per square inch.

What does that mean to you? It means that you’d be amazed at how many times a day our Inbox lights up with, “I can’t believe how comfortable this really is!!

How Do You Adjust the Strap?

Our straps are fully adjustable from ~42 to 55 inches long. This is achieved by using a detached leather end that can be woven in and out of slats in our strap (similar to many leather straps).

For full details, see this page: How to Attach a Revo Guitar Strap.

What's the Difference Between the Styles?

The Revo and Solano styles are 2.25 inches wide and will be similar in terms of comfort.

We recommend slimmer folks opt for the Solano style as it will conform to narrow shoulders better. Other than that, the choice is purely personal preference.

Our Gordo style starts at 2.25 inches and tapers to 3.0 inches at the widest part. Many bass players and those wielding heavy guitars opt for it. In addition, those playing long gigs tend to prefer them as well.

The Gordo also allows the most airflow, making it great for those who sweat a lot or play in hot and humid environments. 

Why should I buy a Revo?

Revo Straps are revolutionizing the guitar strap industry. Everyone has owned or currently owns a leather guitar strap. We go to the ends of the earth to buy custom gear, set up our rigs just the way WE like them, and spend thousands on our equipment….why shouldn’t we have the same devotion to our strap?

The number one thing we hear from our clients is, “Man, I get comments EVERY time I drag out my guitar and throw the strap over my shoulder.”

How much do they weigh? 

Our straps range from 12 oz to 15 oz depending on the style. While this is more than most straps, it's not a great way to compare overall comfort. For example, a 3 oz nylon strap won't do much for your Les Paul, but our straps can effectively distribute the weight, making it feel lighter.

How sturdy are Revo straps? 

Revo Straps are durable, lightweight, and built to last an entire lifetime. You can spend $50 or more on a guitar strap that will last you a few years, only to force you to shell out more cash to buy another one as it wears out. Revo Straps are built to last, using exotic hardwoods that are resistant to scratches, dings, and breakage.

We use 200-lb test Teflon-treated braided cord in the construction of our straps. It is extremely strong and does not stretch. So your guitar strap will look brand new when you hand it down to your grandkid to throw on his newest axe.

Is there a warranty on my strap?

Absolutely. They say to put your money where your mouth is. And we believe in doing it. We are so confident in our strap’s construction and durability that we offer a 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all our straps!  This only excludes straps we no longer carry, but it can be replaced with one of equal value.

What's your return policy?

We offer free shipping on returns.

We are so confident that you will love your new Revo Strap, that we are willing to guarantee that. If you receive your strap and are not 100% satisfied, please ship it back to us within the first 30 days in new condition, and we’ll refund your full price of purchase (less shipping).

Purchases during November and December have a 75-day return policy. Less than 1% of those who try our straps end up returning them. However, if you're gifting our straps, we want to ensure everyone is happy, so we extend our return policy during the holidays.

Are the strap lengths adjustable?

All of our straps are adjustable in length from 43″ up to 55″ from button to button. Our strap tails feature three eyelets, and can also be located at several different lengths along the end of the strap to offer the most flexibility.

Do any famous guitarists wear Revo straps?

Amazing musicians such as Zac Brown, Ziggy Marley, and Carlos Santana have been wearing our straps on stage and in music videos for years. Click here to see more.

Can I use strap locks with my Revo?

Our strap ends are constructed in the same way as most conventional straps. They accept most brands of strap locks without any problems.

Do Revo straps require special care?

Your new Revo Strap requires no special care at all. The polymer coating process seals in the natural wood, so the finish is durable and long-lasting. You are more than welcome to occasionally wipe it down with a cloth.

Additionally, do not force the strap into positions it doesn't naturally bend into. This will wear out the braided cord if done over long periods of time with force.

Do you do artist endorsements? 

We are a small company and do not do any official endorsements. We do have an affiliate program available where you can earn on each referred sale. 

Do you do ship internationally? 

Yes, although we do have to charge for it. If you order multiple straps, we can likely help with some of the shipping cost. Please send us a message at or through Facebook messenger and we'd be happy to assist.