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Unlike any guitar strap you've ever seen --- or felt.

You've shown off your guitars, but have you ever shown off your guitar strap?

...... What's in the box!!!?...

Cmon... What's in the BOX!?


^^^ There's always a "Kyle" lingering around ^^^ 

Apparently he ended up on our marketing team.




Introducing... the most beautiful and comfortable guitar straps...


Imagine playing a gig and the first comment you receive off stage is "where did you get that strap!?"

Better yet, imagine walking off your 3 hour set without any aches or pains.

In fact, one customer described it as:

"Wow! Beautiful and comfortable too! It gives you a little back massage as you wear it." 


Handcrafted beauty and comfort built into each guitar strap.

Each strap is handcrafted with between 37 and 78 individual pieces of wood (Rosewood, Tigerwood, Mahogany, or 2-tone Cocobolo).

Due to natural variations in each piece of wood, each guitar strap is literally one-of-a-kind.

After we decide on the layout of the strap, each piece of wood is drilled and then weaved together with reinforced 200-pound tested Teflon-treated braided cord for superior strength and longevity.


A wood guitar strap?

Okay, we know you're thinking... how can wood be comfortable? 

Don't make the mistake of associating wood with rigidness and splinters.

In fact, the most common feedback we receive after "it's beautiful" is "I can't believe how comfortable it is."

From military veterans needing relief from back and shoulder pain, to professionals needing relief from constant wearing, Revo has been their go to.

Meticulously sanded round corners protect the instrument and wood is polished and shaped to avoid pinching.

Although the strap itself is slightly heavier than a mass-produced leather or nylon strap, wood actually distributes the weight better.

The individual pieces of wood work together to make your guitar feel lighter and prevents the common pressure point felt with standard guitar straps.

Wood conforms to the shape of your body and also prevents sliding while you're playing.

With 4.5+ stars on Amazon, Etsy, and our website, you can be confident in your decision to change from leather to wood.



Discover a new type of guitar strap...

We make less than 2,000 straps per year.

Some of our styles, such as the Revo Cocobolo, have a long waitlist because we only produce ~100 per year due to raw material constraints.



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Why can we offer this type of deal?

Because the average Revo owner owns 3 of our guitar straps. We are confident you'll be back for more and refer friends in the future!