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Revo Guitar Straps

The same craftsmanship you expect in your guitar... now in guitar straps.

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What is it like to open your first Revo Guitar Strap box?

Check out Chris Fletcher (aka "Fletch") receive his first of several Revo Guitar Straps!

Do you love unique, beautiful, and quality gear? Then you are in the right place.

We handcraft guitar straps in batches of 5 to 25 using Rosewood, Tigerwood, Mahogany, Purple Heart, and Black wood.

We currently have 3 standard designs: The Gordo, The Solano, and The Revo.

The Gordo

The Solano

The Revo

Rosewood Picks

Beautifully Unique

Each piece contains contrasting colors making each strap 100% unique while complementing a wide variety of instruments.


Each piece is hand-cut, hand-drilled, and hand-assembled with the same craftsmanship of high-end guitars.

Toothbrush product

Designed for Comfort

Wood distributes the weight of your instrument better than pliable material such as leather, nylon, cotton, etc. Check out our reviews below and on other platforms!


Each strap comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Who is Team Revo?

We started handcrafting guitar straps from wood over 20 years ago.

From humble beginnings to Carlos Santana wearing our strap in the music video Smooth and on the cover of Rolling Stone.

As recent as 5 years ago, it was impossible to find a wood guitar strap without knowing the right people.

Revo Guitar Straps was formed to create cohesive brand for these amazing wooden guitar straps.

We are part of the Revo Cult, specifically formed to keep these straps in circulation in the U.S. and now internationally.

Musicians like Jakob Takos (and now our photographer) discovered his first wooden guitar strap when he found one at an estate sale 15 years ago.

We consider ourselves a "musician's" brand. We are not the focus. The product and its usefulness are our focus. The musicians that wear them are our focus.

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The Gordo

The Solano

The Revo