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Revo Updates for COVID19

We will update this page for any changes to our operations while we, and the world, all deal with the coronavirus.

This page was last updated as of May 31, 2020 at 5:00pm MST.


The most common question:

Are you still shipping?

Yes! But please read this page for minor exceptions on a few straps and international orders.

As long as the US Post Office is open, we will be shipping straps.

Most straps will still be shipped with our expedited service. Please read on for a few exceptions.

Our normal shipping time for domestic (US) orders is 2-3 days with US Priority Mail in addition to the 1 business day to pack your order.

However, we use a combination of our own warehouse and Amazon warehouses.

Amazon warehouses are currently not offering expedited services for our product. Even though it costs us the same amount, it will take about 7 days to receive a product with their current shipping times, but it could take longer.

There are a few straps that we are low on inventory and ONLY have at an Amazon warehouse. Expect at least 7 days (US) to receive the following straps:

  • Black Solano

The rest of our straps will still be shipped USPS Priority Mail with our 2-3 business day service.

International orders will (mostly) continue to ship as normal. However, for the straps listed above, we will have to ship the strap to our own warehouse, and then send it to you via USPS (Amazon does not allow us to ship internationally).

Expect 2 to 5 weeks for international straps depending on your location and customs. We are not experts on how each country is handling international shipments at this time, so please look into this before ordering.


Lastly, we thank you for considering purchasing from a small business like Revo.

We expect the next several months to be tough, but we've been through a lot in 20+ years. We'll get through this together and learn a lot.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian (


All the best

Team Revo