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Revo Rummage Sale

We are trying something new!

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes we get returns and exchanges.

And sometimes we have pieces of wood that are outliers in color or grain that don't match the rest of the strap, so we put those aside and eventually make a strap from those so nothing goes to waste!

In other words, these straps may have markings on the leather from someone trying on the strap, or the color may be significantly different than our standard pictures/expectations.

What does that mean to YOU?

A  50% discount!

It's a great chance to get a great price on a like-new strap and a great way for new customers to get their first strap at a steep discount.

We only get a handful of returns/exchanges each year, so we'll probably list them every few months after this first batch.

We're using eBay so we don't have to create a separate product within our online store.

If you don't want to use eBay, email with the link of the strap you are interested in and he'll help you out.


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