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Revo Ambassador


Welcome to the Revo Ambassador page! We had a lot of great feedback over the past 2 weeks and it greatly influenced what it will mean to be an Ambassador.

Note: You only need to take further action if you are interested in the commission-based portion of the program (and read everything in blue text). See “Commission Details” for the sign up link.


Check out your Perks and Community Contributions below. 


Your Revo Perks

  • 25% personal discount
    • Never pay full price again
  • First dibs on any new straps
    • You’ll receive a 24 hour advanced notice before we sell it to the rest of Revo Nation
  • $15.00 commission per strap sold (see below for details)
    • Special introductory commission for our first group of ambassadors!
  • Future benefits and one-off opportunities
    • Special rewards for doing video reviews, unboxing videos, etc.

Note: Feel free to use your personal discount code for yourself, or gifts for friends and family. Discount codes are intended to be kept private, so please do not share with your public audience.


Your Community Contribution

  • Share photos or videos of your strap
    • We’d hope to get an average of 1 photo (or video) per month to share with our community
  • Tag us on social media when relevant
    • Including adding @RevoStraps to your IG profile if you’re an avid user
  • Write a review on for any straps you own
    • Your honest opinion will help those new to Revo
  • Promote Revo in a genuine, non-spammy way
    • Relevant for those that are interested in the commission-based portion of the program


Commission Details


  • High commission of $15.00 per strap sold
  • 30-day link tracking
  • Monthly payments


Sign up Form

Here is the link to sign up:

After you register, you will receive a welcome email.

Your unique affiliate link will be #2 in the email. It will look similar to this:

Each Ambassador will have their own dashboard where they can view the number of visitors, orders, and more.

You will also need to set up a method to receive our payments to you. Right now, we are using PayPal for it. If you need another option, please let us know.



We will be partnering with a service called Affiliatly. You will need to sign up in order to get a tracking code. We pay the service based on the number of active affiliates, so please only sign up if you plan on being active.

By no means are there any obligations, if you change your mind, just let us know!


How Affiliatly Works

You will sign up as a Revo Ambassador with Affiliatly.

Once you create an account, the Affiliatly software creates a unique link for each Ambassador.

You will be compensated for any purchases attributed to your link.

Affiliatly will track visitors even if they don’t use your link on sequential website visits.

On average, it takes people 0-3 days to purchase from us after first discovering us. However, some people do take longer so we have set it up to track any purchases from your link within 30 days of the last click.


Payment Structure

Here is the payment structure:

  • $15.00 commission per strap sold

We are keeping this structure simple because:

  • We don’t want anyone to be tempted to spam or annoy their audience by trying to reach the next target
  • We believe $15.00 per strap is generous based on our margins and it helps those with a smaller audience to benefit as well
  • We will potentially scale this program to more people, so the simpler, the better

The most common answer on our feedback form for an expected commission was 10% or $10.00. We decided go above and beyond this amount. This is a new program and we want you to be actively engaged to help get it off the ground.

We also know that the average Revo owner has multiple straps. Therefore, if you help get us a customer, you will get the immediate benefit, and we will get the benefit down the road.


Coupon Codes

Occasionally, we will provide you discount codes to share with your audience. Prior to posting any discount codes to your audience, please discuss it with Brian. He will likely create you a unique discount code for you.


Fine Print

Future Changes: We will be reviewing this program on a quarterly basis after the launch. There will need to be tweaks to make it better for all parties involved. We reserve the right to change or terminate this program at any time. At the time of any major changes, you will be paid out for anything prior to that notice at the rates agreed upon at that time.

In order to have a successful launch of the program, we are offering $15.00 per strap sold. We may not always be able to offer this large of a commission. However, we will grandfather you into these rates as a founding member of our program.


Returns: We receive almost no returns from customers. Occasionally, there is an exchange between one style to another style. If we notice a large amount of returns or other odd activity, we reserve the right to hold payments for up to 60 days (to match our return policy). Since we are hand selecting all the initial affiliates, we do not expect this to be an issue, so we will pay out monthly.