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Re-Inventing the Guitar Strap

Using Wood to Handcraft the World's Most Beautiful and Comfortable Guitar Straps

Revo Rosewood

The Revo Rosewood

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Review

"This is a gorgeous Guitar strap. As soon as I opened the wooden box it arrived in I was in awe. The smooth supportive feeling is amazing. It's easily the best guitar strap ever."

- Aaron R

Revo Cocobolo

The Revo Cocobolo (~100 made per year)


Making Guitar Straps Worthy of Your Guitar

Quality guitars are built on work benches, not mass-produced in a harsh factory environment.

Whether you spent $500 or $5,000+ on your guitar, you likely bought it for two reasons:

1) the quality of materials that produced a superior sound, and

2) craftsmanship

Carlos Santana with our Rosewood Solano 20 years ago, worn in the music video "Smooth" with 160+ million views.


So why settle for a cheap, mass-produced guitar strap?

As musicians, we go to the ends of the earth to buy custom quality gear, set up our rigs just the way WE like them, and spend $1,000s on our equipment….

Shouldn’t we have the same devotion to our strap?




The Revo Mahogony



The Tigerwood Gordo



The Revo Cocobolo 


The Tigerwood Solano

The Tigerwood Solano


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Review

"I have four REVO straps and they are by far the most comfortable straps on the market.

Of course their beauty is a major selling point, but the comfort of having a strap which disperses the weight of the instrument evenly makes it worth every penny.

Even a good, wide leather strap "canoes" a bit and still puts pressure on a single area. Wood doesn't do that..."

-Amazon Review


Beauty | Comfort | Handcrafted

Stand Out from The Crowd

Empower your unique sound with a unique look.

Like a thumb print, each Revo strap is distinct. 

The intricate wood grain and variations ensure your strap is truly one-of-a-kind.

Get used to hearing "where did you get that strap!?" as you walk off stage

World-Class Comfort - No More Aches!

Revo straps distribute the weight of your guitar better than any other on the market.

Each piece is sanded down and the corners are rounded. A final layer of polish provides a smooth and sliver free surface.

No pinching and no sliding and no scratching. The strap stays in place, letting you pay attention to PLAYING, rather than the position of your guitar.

On top of that, your guitar will feel lighter helping you to extend your playing time!

Lifetime Warranty. 

Our straps are handcrafted from the finest materials and we stand behind them.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our straps.

If you wear yours out after 7+ years, give us a call and we'll send you a replacement.



The Secret to Our Comfort

You might be thing "Wood can't be comfortable..."

We don't blame you. It's a common misconception. People think that a wood guitar strap must be stiff and cause slivers, etc.

Here's the secret...

The secret to Revo's comfort is weight distribution. 

The small wooden pieces on our straps distribute the load of your guitar perfectly - from the center of the strap all the way to the edge. 

Nylon and leather straps concentrate the load along the center of the strap. There's a reason you have to buy super padded leather straps to try and make them comfortable! This is why the most common thing we hear from first-time Revo owners is how much lighter their guitar feels. 


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Review

"I use this strap for a few of my basses, but mostly for my Warwick Corvette standard which is made of bubinga. The thing is heavy as hell. 

I’ve used all sorts of straps. Wide ones, padded, leather and all sorts of others. This strap is magic though. 

Not only is it a piece of art, it takes the weight of my Warwick and makes it feel like nothing. 

Any other strap would make a 4 hour gig unbearable. The revo strap makes it a breeze.

- Benjamin B


Customer Photos

The Rosewood Solano


The Revo Mahogany

The Revo Cocobolo

The Tigerwood Solano


Tigerwood Gordo w/ Revo Cocobolo & Rosewood Picks

The Revo Cocobolo


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Review

"I was extremely surprised at how comfortable it was.

These straps are pure class.

I even had a black one made for Joe Walsh, and he loved it..."

- Lou Esposito


Any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact for a 12 hour turnaround.


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