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Cocobolo Insider

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The most popular strap we sell is the Cocobolo Revo, made from stunning 2-tone pieces of responsibly-sourced Cocobolo (ie: Rosewood) from Costa Rica.


Cocobolo straps are handcrafted from pieces of wood that contain a part of heartwood and a part of sapwood of Cocobolo.

For that reason, our Cocobolo straps are rare due to the nature of tree formation. See below for an example...


Due to tree formation, only ~10% of the wood can be used for our Cocobolo straps. The rest is used in our Rosewood straps.

We create Cocobolos in batches of 25 or 50, depending on availability of materials. Historically, they sell out within a week or two (depending on if we advertise).

As a result of customer inquiries, we wanted to create a solution for our biggest fans to get first dibs on our Cocobolo straps.

Not only the Revo style, but any FUTURE style we make.


Testimonials (Amazon Verified Reviews)

Quick Review:

Very comfortable and well made

Longer review:

"This is my fourth Revo strap. Each a different model with different wood choice. The cocobolo is the most spectacular. Hands down a unique and top quality strap. Bought my first, a maple Gordo, nearly 15 years ago and it has stood the test of time in both function and appeal. If you have a great guitar, couple it with a great strap! "



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