Black Gordo Guitar Strap
Black Gordo Guitar Strap

Black Gordo Guitar Strap

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  • PLAY IN COMFORT – Our proprietary dual-line system forms the backbone of our strap. It allows for better weight distribution compared to traditional leather or nylon straps. This allows you to play ache-free longer.
    Smooth & immaculately polished wood pieces provide exceptional comfort. No slivers, no sliding, no pinching.
  • PLAY IN STYLE – This beautiful guitar strap is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's made with the same craftsmanship as high-end guitars. Connect to your guitar like never before.
  • PLAY FOR LIFE – We stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee. We've literally put blood, sweat, and tears into our business. If you have any issues, you let us know and we will take care of you.


How It's Made?

  • Each Revo strap is 100% Handmade.
  • Tigerwood color ranges from pale cream to a rich reddish-orange hue.
  • Tigerwood is named after its dramatic streaking patterns.
  • It has remarkable water-resistant properties and can be found in instruments, fine furniture, knife handles, decks, and more.


    About the Gordo Style 

    We have three styles of straps: 
    The Gordo design:
    • Characterized by 3-inch wide wood section near the shoulder and tapering to the 2 inches on both ends
    • Each piece of wood is hand-polished for a smooth touch and refined look
    • Especially great for hot and humid climates as the wood stays cool and allows for airflow


    Adjustable Length?
    • All of our straps are adjustable in length from 43″ up to 55″ from button to button for a personalized fit for your playing style.
    • Our strap tail features three eyelets offering further customization and flexibility.


    Color: Black
    Material: Tempisque
    Specs: 3 Inches Wide Near Shoulder, tapering to 2 inches at the ends, Scratch Resistant, Leather Ends
    Adjustable? Yes, 43" up to 55" button to button