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Fathers Day Sale

This Father's Day, get him the guitar strap he deserves!

Not only are our straps strikingly beautiful and unique, they are also fully functional and worn on tour, local gigs, and a popular pick of the casual player as a more comfortable alternative to leather and fabric straps.

Why Our Straps?

Each of our straps are literally one-of-a-kind due to the natural variations of coloring and wood grain of the pieces used in each strap! We constantly receive feedback from customers of the true joy of the recipient of our straps.

In addition, ALL of our straps come with a wooden gift box to top off the gift giving experience. Wait until you see their face when they slide open the box and see they got one of the most unique and rare straps that exists!

With a return rate of less than 1% and FREE RETURN shipping, your can be confident in your purchase with us.

Our straps are fully adjustable with a detached leather end and work great for most people up to 6'3"

Which Style to Choose?

The Revo and Solano style are very similar. Very slim players prefer the Solano, but the majority won't notice any difference. The Gordo is our widest strap and is preferred by bass players or those with heavy guitars.

About Us

We're a small shop, but we have had our straps gifted at music award shows, top music videos like Smooth when our strap was worn by Carlos Santana, and more.

Our straps are handmade in batches of 10 to 25 at a time, so we have limited availability at any given time.

Father's Day Info

Order Deadline is Midnight, June 12th for Guaranteed Delivery by Father's Day June 18th. 

Use DAD at checkout to save 15% today on your entire order with FREE & FAST 3 day shipping (U.S. customers only).

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