Rainbow Revo Style Guitar Strap

Rainbow Revo Style Guitar Strap

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Our Revo Rainbow is composed of rosewood, mahogany, tempisque, tigerwood, and more.

It's a rare one and we've only made a handful in the past!


    How It's Made?

    • Each Revo strap is 100% Handmade.
    • Each piece is finely textured and has a very smooth finish after we polish the straps. 

    About the Revo Style 

    We have three styles of straps: 
    The classic Revo design:
    • Our original design and our best-selling design
    • Characterized by 2.5-inch wide wood sections
    • Each piece of wood is hand-polished for a smooth touch and refined look
    • The wood grains of each strap can be seen clearly in each piece of wood.
    • Currently the only design in which we produce our exclusive Cocobolo


      Adjustable Length?
      • All of our straps are adjustable in length from 43″ up to 55″ from button to button for a personalized fit for your playing style.
      • Our strap tail features three eyelets offering further customization and flexibility.


      Color: Rainbow
      Material: Variety of hardwoods
      Specs: 2.5 Inches Wide, Scratch Resistant, Leather Ends
      Adjustable? Yes, 43" up to 55" button to button

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