The Revo Cocobolo Guitar Strap

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The Revo Cocobolo is our most sought-after guitar strap we make.

Why? We only make about 100 per year!

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Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap
Cocobolo Revo Guitar Strap

The sapwood of Cocobolo is a pale, yellowish color while the heartwood ranges from lighter brown, to deep reds, orange, and dark browns.

This strap is only made from small pieces at the intersection of the sapwood and heartwood!

Not only does this make the strap naturally beautiful, but it is also rare because the raw material for this strap is naturally limited. Each strap is literally, one-of-a-kind.

The Details 
Number made this year100
Current Availability34
ColorTwo-Tone Natural Cocobolo
MaterialCocobolo Hardwood with leather ends
Strap Width2 1/4 inch
Adjustabilityfrom 44" to 57" length

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Beautifully Unique

Each piece contains contrasting colors making each strap 100% unique while complementing a wide variety of instruments.


Each piece is hand-cut, hand-drilled, and hand-assembled with the same craftsmanship of high-end guitars.

Toothbrush product

Designed for Comfort

Wood distributes the weight of your instrument better than pliable material such as leather, nylon, cotton, etc. Check out our reviews below and on other platforms!


Each strap comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Who Wears the Revo Cocobolo?

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Are they comfortable?

"My search for the holy grail of guitar straps was always a never-ending battle of function vs practicality vs fashion vs cost. 

My first thought was, “could this really be as comfortable as they claim?”

The cocobolo model looked absolutely stunning so, I pulled the trigger and haven’t looked back since. Removing the hand-made, heirloom-quality strap from the small handmade wooden crate, I was in awe.

The grain and colors of the cocobolo wood were magnificent, and the craftsmanship was amazing.

Slinging the strap and guitar on my shoulder was a delight, and my skepticism disappeared as I felt how comfortable it was. I can wear it for multiple hours with less fatigue than with any other strap I have owned.

It is also an attention-getter. Just about anyone who sees it, comments on the look and uniqueness, and refer to it as a work of art.

Revo transforms the guitar strap from something that simply holds your guitar, to something that functions at a much higher level, and looks great doing it. Get a Revo strap, and never look back!" - Scott Criqui

product image
product image

"Revo has ruined me for other straps"

"I put my Cocobolo strap on a Lakland Skyline J Sonic 4-string bass in Aztec Gold.

You have to trust me. It is a beautiful setup. Absolutely beautiful.

When I put it on, I was amazed at how comfortable it was. Just seems too good to be true.

I had just bought this new bass guitar and now It looks great, feels great, and sounds great.

Last night, I pulled out my old jazz bass, just to tinker around. I put the name-brand woven strap with leather ends on my shoulder, and it was a nightmare. I couldn't believe how uncomfortable it was.

I used to play it every day! It's not even as heavy as my Lakland! I grabbed my jumbo acoustic bass guitar with leather straps. I put it on. Nope! It sucked.

Revo has ruined me for other straps! To sum up: Revo is great. Other straps suck, apparently." - Danny Rodriguez

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Who is Team Revo?

We started handcrafting guitar straps from wood over 20 years ago.

From humble beginnings to Carlos Santana wearing our strap in the music video Smooth and on the cover of Rolling Stone.

As recent as 5 years ago, it was impossible to find a wood guitar strap without knowing the right people.

Revo Guitar Straps was formed to create cohesive brand for these amazing wooden guitar straps.

We are part of the Revo Cult, specifically formed to keep these straps in circulation in the U.S. and now internationally.

Musicians like Jakob Takos (and now our photographer) discovered his first wooden guitar strap when he found one at an estate sale 15 years ago.

We consider ourselves a "musician's" brand. We are not the focus. The product and its usefulness are our focus. The musicians that wear them are our focus.

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What is it like to open your first Revo Guitar Strap box?

Check out Chris Fletcher (aka "Fletch") receive his first of several Revo Guitar Straps!

This strap would cost $400+, but we subsidize them by making jewelry and selling other straps.

It's your chance to own the most unique strap ever!

$ 199.00

FREE $15 USPS Priority Mail Shipping included!

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